Top 5 Best Model Boat Kits

There is no doubt that model ships are more than magic. As a builder, you will be offered a satisfaction of shipbuilding even without leaving your house. Whether you are an experienced modeler or a newbie, you are guaranteed to having an amusing time. Have you decided to build your first model? Regardless you are sure or not, don’t worry. We have come up with some of the most popular and reliable models of a variety of uses.

  1. Caldercraft
    You can attest that HMS history is arguably one of the most famous ships of all time. It is popular simply because it greatly contributed to the famous battle of Trafalgar. Although it might not be so beautiful when compared to other popular models, it has generally been built for historical accuracy. Actually, it is one of the well-known warships ever built. The hull is usually a bulkhead construction. To save yourself some stress, you can use precut gun ports.
    In most case, the rest of the ship will require you to have a lot of skills and experience. The four-ship boats come on plunk head constructions. In addition, brass etched windows will be there to add fine details.
  2. Artesania Latina
    The model of a whaling boat uses a precision laser of cut pieces for extremely high-quality build. Beginners are advised to go for this model but at times it attracts experienced builders. This model will give you some awesome introduction to complex buildings. You will have that experience without much struggle. Usually, its primary wood was mainly used in America Cherry.
    Also, its recent models come with all the required pieces to build the model aside from the necessary tools. Woods varies in color. They easily follow authentic designs.
  3. Amati
    This is a quite beautiful model that has proved to be an ideal choice for experienced beginners. It has been designed on a bulkhead style with only a single mast. This is indeed a more excellent transition to more complex hull building if you have already built a solid full model. When you purchase it, you will be given comprehensive yet detailed instructions. These instructions are easy to follow. This means that they are more applicable for people who are just getting started with building ships models.
    The only known downside is that the instructions are translated. Therefore you are required to do some broad research if you are not familiar with these terms.
  4. Model Shipways
    This should give you some of the skills you need to complete more complicated builds. In terms of skills, for sure it is an excellent first boat. You will have numerous challenges if you can’t take your time well.
  5. Artesania Latina- Santa Maria
    It features three masts and plank on the bulkhead. Because of large numbers of parts, many intermediate builders prefer using it. The cloth sails are easy to attach. In most cases, you are given a copy of detailed instructions that include drawings on how to build – read article on toy boat building kits.